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"All About Faith" was sort of a "not meant for prime time" track that ended up making it's way to the record...haha.

I was playing around with some lyrics - not all of them serious - and wrote this song. It's a little bit message and a little bit fun but it does speak to a part of my life.

I had written the song few years back and when we were working on the tracks in Texas my buds asked me to go over some other tunes I had, I was sharing some and this was one of them.

I never intended for this track to get cut - but my friends liked it and it's simple, mildly catchy, has a few curve lyrics (some won't make any sense to you probably...but it ended being a decent tune.

There's a hidden shout out to one of my favs...see if you can figure it out.

Listen to the new track, "All About Faith" now!

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